Sweden in April

I am fortunate enough to travel with work although a little unfortunate in that many of the places are semi industrial or, so short in duration that there is little time for sight seeing.
My latest trip to Sweden is slightly different in that I have a weekend of travelling in one of the most landscape rich places in terms of lakes and water in Europe.
Flying over land to Holland with clear blue skies above and clear blue water below was a joy to the eyes then on to Copenhagen for a quick connecting flight and final destination Stockholm. Fingers crossed that we make this flight due to the delay caused by the aircraft in front of us which did not quite make it to the end of the runway! A short drive back inland to Orebro for a few nights. The town is dominated by the castle surrounded by a branch of the main river running through the town.

Holland’s coast line.

Slotten, castle in centre of Orebro.
Today has been one of those working days with a mixture of rain, snow, cloud and sunshine. Glad I was working. According to the weather forecast tomorrow will be a re-run of today, ho hum.


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