From Spjuthult to Paris in a day without leaving Sweden

A long day in the car today as we drive down to Varnamo and Vaxjo. A slight detour took us to the centre of Askersund Kommun, not Askersund city. Ironically these produced the best photo’s of the day. Detour completed, the plan was to revisit Lake Vattern and take more pictures of the same place when I was here in 2007. In 2007, clear blue skies and no wind. 2012, plenty of wind and mostly heavy clouds, so results not as interesting with added frozen fingers. Next was a little walk in Tiveden National Park which I dragged my reluctant wife around. It was only a couple of kilometres and I’m sure she’ll forgive me eventually. A selected few below with minimal tinkering, cropping, levels and black and white, no sharpening.

Somewhere in the middle of Askersund Kommun.

Birch trees 1.

Birch trees 2.

Lichen on Birch tree.

Pine tree sapling – Tiveden national park, Sweden.
I’m amazed by the tenacity of this little tree.

Tiveden national park.

Tiveden national park 2.


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