In this blog and it’s various posts you will find photo’s of landscapes often including water, flowers/close-up/macro and parts of cities and ‘abstract photographs’ ‘which are often parts of a whole. All will become clear as you look. (I also take loads of others that are a demanded by the family and for fun – but they won’t make it to here).

Admire Ansel Adams very much for the photographs themselves as much as for the clarity and attention to detail.

A scientist/technical person by trade and a photographer trapped inside, about to burst out – one day.
From a 1960’s Kodak Brownie though 110 camera’s and finally my first real camera, Minolta SRT101b – now showing my age!
A few more film cameras later, a few in digital versions and now settled with Olympus 620 which I really like.

My job takes me to various places in the world, mostly Europe and I particularly enjoy France as place to visit and maybe one day to live there.

I wonder where I’d be now if  I’d known then what I know now……..how often is that said (or thought)?,
Bring on retirement!


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